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“Kumon taught me to overcome difficulties.”

“Kumon taught me to overcome difficulties.”


Mathematics Completer
3rd year student of Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Chulalongkorn University


I think Kumon helps me to calculate faster and I also know why my Instructor let me start doing Math with easy materials. She probably wants to strengthen my foundation which is essential for me to progress faster. Like in doing multiplication questions, once we see the pair, the answer will come out automatically, not necessary to count up from multiplication table and this shortens calculation process. It makes me believe that students who keep practicing will definitely progress faster than those who do not.

Studying Kumon is like climbing up to the top, one step at a time. Even though we begin with easy materials, we know that we will soon have to solve more difficult materials step by step. And when advancing beyond school grade level in Kumon, we will have more confidence in school and understand the lesson before your classmate which will make you even more confidence.

The true benefit I had gained from Kumon is the learning attitude. I believe that everything we have done even a little thing is not useless and it will help us someday. I am grateful that Kumon had nurtured my self-learning skills which taught me to confront and learn how to overcome the difficulties. Sometimes if we have never encountered any difficulties, we will never know how to handle them. Kumon taught me how to overcome the difficulties which one day if I face things more difficult than what I had faced, I will definitely be endeavor and find the way to overcome those difficulties.

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