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Franchisee’s Testimonials


Open Kumon Center in 2002

For more than 10 years as a Kumon Instructor I have gained wonderful experience in developing many below class average children in school to become well-rounded children, not only smarter, but also have discipline and responsibility. At this moment I can answer to myself without hesitation that I am proud and love Kumon Instructor’s works so much.


Open Kumon Center in 2007

I am proud and happy to see each student’s smile, especially when they come to say, “I can do it.” to me. Being a Kumon Instructor always makes me constantly developing myself and receives good friendship among Kumon Instructors, parents, and students. These good things encourage me to pass the happiness forward to others so they can feel the same way.


Open Kumon Center in 2014

Since opening Kumon center, my center has begun to receive well acceptance from parents of children who get better scores at school. This results in a good word of mouth. In term of business operations, Kumon franchise can make satisfactory monthly profit and the success begins from love and happiness in developing individual child and good support from Kumon office, including center assistant training and continuous marketing support.