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Enrolment FAQ

Q: What is the right age for my child to start Kumon?

There is no age limitation in Kumon. However, it is recommended to contact the Instructor of a Center convenient for you for further information and advice in case of small children or infants.

Q: Why do new students start with easy level materials?

Starting with easy level materials helps ensuring a smooth study progress. This also enables students to focus on developing good study habits and build confidence early in the program.

Q: Why do students have to repeat some levels many times?

This is to ensure that students have their mastery of the topic and to enable them to progress confidently to the next level.

Q: What kind of results will I see in my child?

In the beginning, students study materials that they have already encountered. As they master these lessons, they will gain the confidence and motivation to take on new challenges.

Q: Does self-learning mean that the Instructor does not teach anything?

In Kumon, the learning occurs directly from the worksheets. When students encounter problems, the Instructor’s role is to assist them, and give subtle hints so that they will be encouraged to progress independently.

Q: What makes Kumon such an effective complement to my child’s schooling?

In Kumon, students can perform up to 100% of their potential. We acknowledge the child’s individual ability and needs because in reality, children do not progress as a group and learn at the same pace.

Q: Is Kumon helpful to improve school grades?

Aside from the academic abilities that students develop through Kumon, they also acquire qualities such as independence, discipline, confidence and good learning habits. This balanced combination of academic and life skills lead to improved grades at school.

Q: Why does Kumon have homework?

To ensure mastery, develop good study habits and self-discipline, it is essential to study the worksheets on a daily basis.

Q: How long should students study at Kumon in order to get good results?

In Kumon children study materials according to their individual ability and progress at their own pace. Since each child is different, the length of time to get the benefit may vary.

Q: Why doesn’t the Math Program at Kumon emphasize on solving problem sums?

Through Kumon, your child is able to develop reading comprehension ability, strong calculation ability and analytical ability which are the essential abilities in order to solve problem sums.