Children’s potential is needed to be nurtured early.

“Mom, I have already completed my last level as I had always planned to”.. it was then I realized that Kumon was probably one of the best decisions I had ever made.

I had always believed that the sooner you teach your child self discipline and right learning attitudes, the better. That’s why I chose Kumon for my daughter as early as she was in K2. I wanted her to be able to manage her time for all her routines so that they wouldn’t become a burden for her.

When she first started Kumon, I told her we were here for some fun and excitement. She started with Math level 7A. I always helped her allocate time for her Kumon worksheets as instructed by her instructor. She did not only enjoy it but also started showing consistent development. Although it was normal for a kid of her age to be tired and bored at times, it was our responsibility as parents to be there for her –to give her support her when she needed and appreciate her on her improvements- especially during levels D-E which were already beyond her school grade. Whenever she faced difficult moments I would always remind her of a picture at the Kumon centre. “The flag on mountain top is your goal. You told me you wanted to complete the last level. True, there may be obstacles along the way but you are already half way there. You may be tired and feel like giving up but Keep Climbing. Bit by bit, with effort and determination, you will get there. You will arrive at the top of the mountain. You will achieve your goal”, I encouraged her.

When she could apply the skills she gained from learning at Kumon to her studies she became so much more confident and realized the importance of Kumon. Throughout this time, I have seen positive changes in her and how Kumon has helped her become so independent and organized. All I need to do is give her a listening ear and support when she needs them.

Now she has already achieved her goal of completing last levels of both English and Math before entering high-school. To top it off, she was one the twenty students to be a granted an admission to the Science and Math Program without having to take examinations. She is now one dedicated and committed teen who has a clear goal for her future education and at the same time being actively engaged in her favorite activity-dancing. I simply couldn’t be any prouder of her! All these are just a confirmation that I made the right choice for her by choosing Kumon.

I would like to tell other parents that it is important we start fostering essential life skills for our kids from the very young age. If we could help them enhance independence, self discipline and responsibility from early childhood, our children will definitely grow up well-equipped enough to tackle all difficulties and achieve all their life goals.



Idea, completed the final level of English subject (in 2017 / Grade 8) and math (in 2019 / Grade 10)





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