Free Trial Program is the opportunity to learn.

I started Kumon with the Free Trial program while I was in K3. Now, I’m already in Grade 9 and a proud Kumon English Completer!

It all started when I saw an advertisement that Kumon was offering a Free Trial. I was a K3 student and was really interested in joining the program so I told my mom about it. I started Kumon with Maths first. Then when in Grade 1, I decided to take up the English program as well. Kumon has truly opened up many new and exciting experiences in learning for me through its content and material. Also, having to juggle between schoolwork, Kumon worksheets and other activities, I had learnt to manage time wisely and be disciplined. Obviously, there were times when I was lazy; however, I found that I could easily pick myself up and carried on with the tasks. Thanks to Kumon!  When I got to the level beyond my school grade and the content got tougher, I would try to work on them using my own ability. However, I knew that I could always consult and seek help from my instructor or look up information from the internet.

Before every level completion test I would review and revise the content to make sure I had a thorough understanding in my level before progressing to the next one. This has really boosted my self-learning skill and self-confidence which are my life changers! Whenever I felt like giving up because the materials are difficult, I knew I could rely on myself to finish and achieve all that I wanted to.  This self sufficiency is so valuable to me in all aspects of life. Kumon has taught me that there are no limitations to any goals. I completed my last level of English at Kumon when I was in grade 9.

I hope to continue my family business in event planning in the future. All that Kumon has taught and instilled in me would surely make me a well-organized, disciplined and determined business person.

To all other Kumon fellow students, “Self-discipline and determination pave way for success in learning.”



Nicha Saito, Completer of English (EFL) subject (2019 / Grade 9)


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