Kumon caters to children as young as three years and is known for taking this unique, individualised learning approach. Through Kumon, many children have acquired academic excellence, good study skills and habits, and the ability to learn independently. These are achieved through the facilitation of Kumon Instructors.

Kumon Instructors are constantly learning from their students. By analysing students’ respective study records and completed worksheets, as well as observing their learning situation in each session, Instructors will provide students with the appropriate worksheets to enable them to study and advance independently.

Regardless of whether they learn at home or the Centre, one of the most vital aspects of learning is keeping and maintaining the human connection made between Kumon students and Kumon Instructors.

KUMON CONNECT, a new digital way of learning, aims to bring children, parents, and Kumon Instructors closer together through frequent communication and close follow-up.

KUMON CONNECT is a self-learning program similar to the traditional method of doing Kumon with paper worksheets. It fosters a sense of self-assurance in children and their abilities and nurtures them with the skills to challenge the unknown.

With KUMON CONNECT, everything children need to study is on their tablets!
Kumon students write on the tablet with a stylus pen, just as they would write on the Kumon worksheets with a pencil. The Kumon Instructors can follow their students’ daily progress and provide timely feedback to motivate or advise them. Parents can also review their children’s study records anytime and connect with the Instructor to support their children’s learning experience.

The goal of the Kumon Method remains the same – to ensure every student advances at an incremental pace without any learning gaps in their study.  


Study Anytime, Anywhere

Everything children need to study is on their tablets!
They can access their worksheets at a tap of the screen, begin their work with their stylus pen and submit it to their Instructor anywhere and anytime.

Optimise Learning Potential

Digital study records are generated for children’s completed work and used by Instructors to understand their learning situation, strengths, and development areas. This helps to close any gaps in the children’s skills and knowledge and optimise their learning potential.

Access and Evaluate Progress with Ease

Children and their parents can easily access and review their study records, such as their score, time and progress on their tablets. Children can access their study history with one click to see how fast and accurate they have become. Parents can quickly recognise their children’s achievements.

Gain Valuable Insights

Parents can receive valuable insights about their children’s learning situation, both in class and at home, from the Kumon Instructors. Through KUMON CONNECT, parents can understand their children’s study routines and consistency, and know precisely how well their children are doing daily. With these insights, Instructors can adjust children’s study plans promptly to help them learn continuously and efficiently.


I am more motivated to study because of the acknowledgement and support received from my Instructor, even when I am not in the Kumon Centre. Every day, I look forward to receiving her messages. =)

I gained a clearer picture of my child’s learning growth from the information provided through Kumon Connect. From that, I can better support her. She continues to surprise me.

The instructor did an excellent job communicating and making the learning more intimate. This is critical when distance is involved. I can see that my girl is more motivated to take the lead in her learning.